Aloha Pain Sports & Spine Medicine, LLC

                     CLINIC INFORMATION

Aloha Pain Sports & Spine Medicine, LLC is a private practice medical clinic that treats a wide range of medical conditions. Treating every individual using a personalized whole person approach is our commitment to each patient. We treat many acute and chronic conditions in the areas of sports, spinal conditions, musculoskeletal conditions and pain associated with chronic disease conditions.

While we make every attempt to take most insurance plans, there are some insurance plans that we do not accept for various reasons. If we do not take your insurance, we are able to accept cash payment in certain conditions, and you can submit your claim to your insurance plan yourself for reimbursement.

We also value your privacy. We are extremely protective of your medical information and will always have you authorize any exchange of information to another party.

Our clinic also understands that when you seek medical services, you are not a "customer" but a valued patient. We do, however, provide excellent customer service when it comes to taking care of your needs to complete your clinic visit. This may include scheduling, checking with pharmacies for prescriptions availability, inquiring on insurance coverage for certain procedures, and submitting prior authorizations.

We value the physician- patient relationship as the most important relationship in healthcare. We are committed to you as patient. As physicians, we will provide our best medical care to you. Our clinic values your time and energy. We always try to run our clinics on time. We do not over book or double book appointments. Your time, is as important as our time. Our office tries not to cancel or reschedule your appointment, although in certain cases if we do need to reschedule, we will make every effort to reduce any inconvenience. If you need to change your appointment, we will do our best to reschedule you at the earliest convenience.

Our philosophy is to provide quality, affordable, personalized medical care in an environment that feels like a concierge clinic. It may seem "old-fashioned" in today's healthcare system, but a custom made medical care approach is our commitment to you. We will give you the best medical care we can with a working diagnosis, and explanation and discussion of the risks, benefits and alternatives to treatments. We will also try to provide the foundation to manage your condition in the healthiest way possible.

When you come for your clinic visit, you will see the physician each time. We strive to get the most from each medical visit so you can return to your life. Understanding your medical condition is important, so answering any of your questions and confirming you are confident about your treatment plan is our priority. We encourage you to be informed and an active participant in your healthcare. We encourage you to call the clinic if you need more information, or clarification about a medication or treatment. We aim to have a flexible schedule so we can fit patients in as changes in your needs arise. Health and wellness over the life span is our goal.