Insurances Accepted

Hawaii is one of about a dozen states that have in place a no-fault system for insurance payments. Each driver’s own insurance will pay for his or her injuries up to the personal injury protection (PIP) limit regardless of fault. A no fault insurance claim, PIP, is one you make against your own automobile insurer for payment of medical bills and lost earnings under your state’s no fault laws. The PIP limit in Hawaii is $10,000. Once your medical bills exceed your state’s no fault limit, you are responsible for paying them. If you have health insurance, your health insurer will pay your medical bills from that point on. If you are on Medicare or a state run health insurance program through Medicaid, those entities will pay the bills. If you do not have health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, then you are responsible for working out payment arrangements with your health care providers.

No Fault Insurance

We accept most major insurances. We also accept and manage workman's compensation and No Fault injury claims. If we do not accept your insurance in some cases we will accept cash pay for professional services. Please call the front office and inquire about your insurance. We will make every effort to verify your insurance, what your copay will be or if it is a non-covered service.