Ocean Health Hawaii, LLC

                       and REGENERATIVE MEDICINE

Ocean Health Hawaii, LLC is a business that is owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Taylor and Dr. Kerrey Taylor that focuses on health, wellness and Regenerative Medicine. The business was formed to help patients further health and wellness in their own lives through a variety of treatment options. Regenerative Medicine is an up and coming field that offers therapies for certain pain conditions. It includes prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell injection treatments.

Some of today’s fitness and chronic pain management programs have the potential to improve physical health and significantly reduce pain in patients’ daily lives, but they are limited in their structural design. Through personalized treatment plans including expert guided physical exercise programs, alternative health supplements and physician administered options, customers and patients will improve in their fitness goals and daily pain to reach a higher level of function and satisfaction. We are poised to deliver an innovative and superior approach to physical health and pain management through this vehicle that progresses in a stepwise fashion.

Please contact us at our office so we can evaluate your medical condition to see what are the best treatments options available to help you build a strong, healthy foundation. Our goal is to help you live your life your way in health and happiness.